Wave Early

Wave Early

I wasn’t ready when you called

I don’t know why life has us playing these cruel games

Always hide and seek with each other’s heart

I go running to find you, but you’re not there

You call out my name but I’m too far away to hear it

Back and forth we go

Getting nowhere fast

I wasn’t ready when you called for me

Your lips were saying sweet words

That my ears just could not, would not hear

“The one who got away”… Me?

I always thought I was the one you ran far, far away from

How could this love you speak of be for me?

How could this happily ever after tale end with birds flying about our heads

Donning wreaths of flowers around our necks?

Nah, not our story

The one with the poison that seeps through more than apples

Yup, that would be our love

Eyes wide shut in a comatose state

Needing more than kisses to revive the thumping of a bleeding heart

So I can’t be ready when you call

I won’t be there when you send for me

I’ve traded in heartache and heartbreak for a one-way ticket to Paradise

Freedom from Mr. Wrong who could never be right for me

Sweet nothings aint nothing when they don’t last very long

Words upon words lacking harmony, thus lacking song

Please keep far away from me with your empty promises

I have no room to pack your sins on top of mine

For that I’d have to pay extra

And you and I know this has already cost us too much

So wave your goodbyes early

For by the time you blink

I’ll already be gone




~ by kayemjay on May 14, 2015.

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