The Eyes of a Stranger

The Eyes of a Stranger

In the eyes of a stranger

I’ve never seen danger

Some people call me crazy

But of course I don’t agree

When we sit for a while

I can’t help but smile

Some chitchat here and there

And of course I’m filled with glee

Who is this man?

Like to know if I can

An hour goes swiftly

Packed on a bus with such little space

Does my hair look fine?

Could I make this man mine?

1, 2, Inhale… 3, 4, Exhale

Be cool and put on your game face

You’re awesome, don’t blow it!

You’re nervous, don’t show it!

He laughed, he smiled, so there!

Looks like you’re good to go

The heart is resilient

And love can be brilliant

It’s not life or death

Even if he says “No”…




~ by kayemjay on May 14, 2015.

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