So, Oh Well

The end of our road again?

Ok, that’s fine

I’m immune to your grand exits now

Each one less impressive than the one preceding

Who is this performance even for?

Certainly not me

I’ve stopped listening to your soliloquy long ago

Oh didn’t you know the curtain closed on this show?

I guess you were looking too long in your dressing room mirror

To notice your leading lady has long departed

Time to recast and honey break a leg!

One break here and one break there will make the broken heart easier to withstand

My understudy will need to be a pro at dealing with the broken things

Especially the broken parts of you

The parts you ignore with grand speeches

Knowing everything about everything

But sadly nothing about yourself, or me, or us

But I learned that’s not blissful ignorance you seek

No, it’s just plain denial

A temper tantrum of a fully grown man

Longing to have your way in spite of everything

So, oh well

What’s lil ol’ me to do?

To exchange my dancing shoes for laced up sneakers

I’m done doing this tango with you

All I want is to run in the opposite direction

When you bring the house down

All to keep from being lost in the rubble

Lost forever in the pit of you




~ by kayemjay on May 14, 2015.

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