An Ode to Blogging

     It’s probably redundant to say that I am a fan of blogging. That’s evident by this blog I’ve begun even now. However, I do want to point out that there are critics to this form of writing and notable bloggers have fought to find their place in journalism.

     In an article by Andrew Sullivan entitled “Why I Blog,” he made a strong case for why the web log should not be dismissed. He made a comparison between formal music and jazz that sums up the relationship between formal writing and blogging quite perfectly.  “Jazz merely demands a different way of playing and listening, just as blogging requires a different mode of writing and reading.”

     It is probably no coincidence that I would gravitate toward blogging since I have maintained a personal journal since elementary school. Sullivan notes that “the historic form closest to blogs is the diary.” I am thrilled by the idea of pouring out the trappings of my heart, but now I must get used to exposing them for the world to see. I hope to pursue this blogging journey with the same fervent attention that I give to the little blue journal on my nightstand.  I want to be as passionate about news and events outside of my life as I am about the personal tragedies and triumphs I record from my own little world.

      The face of journalism is changing all around us and many, including myself, are ready to jump board and explore this unchartered sea.

      Check out “Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan:


~ by kayemjay on May 4, 2009.

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