A Time for Change: Learning to Love the Web

     With many newspapers going out of print or deciding to make the switch to an online version only, there are questions raised about how media publishers can profit from the web. We are currently in a recession, but even before the recession officially hit, the demise of the newspaper industry was in the works. Huge losses have hit newsrooms hard which resulted in massive layoffs and sometimes the closing of a newspaper office altogether. How can they make money when readership has been on a steady decline for their product? A viable answer is to turn to the internet.

      The gift… and sometimes curse, of the online world is that information is available at your fingertips instantaneously. However, very little money has changed hands when it comes to this type of medium. Perhaps much thought wasn’t given to profiting from the web during its inception, when other forms of media were doing well with their own profits. However now that the tables have turned and the internet may be considered media’s saving grace, all eyes are on capitalizing from this market.

      In an April 8th article by Zachary M. Seward, an interview was conducted with executive editor of the online Wall Street Journal, Alan Murray. Murray provided his five tips for charging content on the internet. One of the key areas that Murray points out is that in order to be successful, newspapers have to focus on niche markets. Murray is barking up the right tree with that one. This seems to be the direction to go in across the board in many areas of planning for the future of newspapers. Gone are the days of mass producing content for one type of audience because that audience has become more diverse these days. Newspapers must adapt to the changing times and changing face of their readers and find ways to appeal to a variety of viewers. It’s time for newspapers to build new groups of loyal followers since those they have come to know and love are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

      To read the article by Seward in its entirety, please visit: http://www.niemanlab.org/2009/04/five-tips-on-charging-for-content-from-alan-murray-of-wsjcom/


~ by kayemjay on May 3, 2009.

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